Balitri presents to you our signature cycling routes around Bali with breath-taking views for you to explore and experience the island while working out in style.


Ubud coffee ride

Level: easy

Type: flat + little climb

This is an easy ride for 35-45 km going north to Ubud town.  The route is mostly flat with one steep hill (10% gradient), passing paddy fields and a possibility for bird watching. We simply fancy having a good coffee and breakfast after a pleasant ride. This route allows us to have breakfast in Pison Cafe where you can enjoy the favourite drink like Avocado expresso coffee.

35-45km, 350mdpl

Melasti ride

Level: easy medium

Type: rolling

For those who are interested in scenic cliffs and ocean view, this is the right route for you. In this 40-60 km easy medium route, we will pass through the southern part of Bali and rolling hills with some steep climbs on the way where you need to prepare your gear to get some momentum. This is one of the most favourite destinations after Kintamani.

40km, 500mdpl

Tampak siring ride

Level: medium

Type: steady climb

This longer ride will bring us to the first president residential palace in Bali. The route is a steady climb1-2% gradient for 11km with some hills with 6-7% gradient. We will pass Goa Gajah, until we reach goa garba to take some pictures of scenic ancient stones and also continue riding until reaching the presidential palace. This route also allows us to enjoy the famous paddy field in Ubud and take some great pictures. On the way back, we can stop at a coffee place in Ubud (optional).

60km, 628mdpl

Sangeh ride

Level: medium

Type: rolling

This ride will bring you to see Sangeh Monkey forest and stunning green route. Later you can have a duck rice as a reward of your hard work on the saddle.


The start is a 16 km warming up a steady uphill with 1-2% from Denpasar until we reach Cocomart Tebongkang. We will ride around 14km head to west north to Bongkasa where you can enter the forest and also enjoy some local but delicious cuisine.

60km, 700mdpl

Jatiluwih ride

Level: easy medium

Type: rolling

We bring you Jatiluwih, the World Unesco Heritage to enjoy the outstanding landscapes that can fill entire memory cards with stunning snaps. This route also allows you to immerse in a village river where the water is as clear as a mirror.

The road to Mengwi is a steady climb for about 37 km. We continue with some rolling terrain for another 10km until we reach Jatiluwih, where we stop at the riverside and dip into very fresh water and enjoy the impressive view of Tabanan paddy fields, one of the Unesco heritage sites in Bali.

95km, 900mdpl
DWS_0396 2.JPG

Kintamani ride

Level: hard

Type: endurance climb

There are many routes to reach Kintamani, one of the highest altitude lake views in Bali, depending on your mood to climb.

The nice steady climb route to Kintamani can be via Tampak Siring main road (steady 1-2% climb) or back road (rolling). We can have a few stops at 20 km and 40 km to regroup. We will also spend some time in Kintamani coffee eco bike café where you can indulge yourself in their famous sandwich, rice bowl, pancakes to dig in with coffee. The way back can be rough sometimes, so we will try to find the smoothest road we can find.

100km, 1500mdpl

Dawan ride

Level: medium

Type: rolling

This ride will bring you to see Klungkung and stunning green route. Later you can have a lamb rice as a reward of your hard work on the saddle.


The start is a 30 km warming up with rolling hills trough Ida Bagus Mantra from Denpasar until we reach Dawan. We will ride around 11km in a green hill loop that feels like in Rio de Janeiro. The return can be via Gianyar rolling route back to Balitri or where you stay.

60-80km, 500mdpl
IMG_0795 2.JPG

Petang ride

Level: easy medium

Type: rolling

We bring you Petang where you see a lot of small green alleys and also quite paddy field scenery. This is one of the most calm and peaceful route compared to all other routes we review and offer. This area is also a very suitable area for gravel or mountain bike ride if you want to go to inner roads of the area. We also offer some bike guide and rent for gravel route.

60km, 700mdpl

Circling Bali Island

Level: hard

Type: endurance

There are three options for circling the whole Bali island with your bike and we offer the tour all year long with the best weather from May - August: 380k, 420km and 480km. The first tour can be made in two days, the second and third options are made in three to four days. We arrange itinerary which can be customised according to your needs. It covers car, guide, photographer, videographer and also some best cold brew coffee and snacks and restaurants for hygienic pitstops.

380-480km, 3000mdpl
bike rent.JPG




If you don’t bring your bike, and if you stay with us with us don’t worry, we supply you with a bike rent for free for a day. If you do not stay with us we also rent a bike. We have premium bikes that are prioritised only for our tour participants and Balitri Home Guests. Our bike rent is for a minimum of 2 days and can go up to one month.

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Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 16.47.11

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Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 16.48.38

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Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 16.47.36

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 16.47.11
Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 16.47.11


Bike wash and repair

We offer a bike wash for any cyclist who joins our local events or to our accommodation guests for 50 k per wash. All revenue goes to Sukawati community. We do have an in-house bike mechanic expert when you have serious trouble with your bike, we can arrange a bike mechanic for repair with an additional fee.

Bike tool kits and DIY

Bike pump, DIY repair kit, any size of hex keys, and a compressor are available in our DIY wall so feel free to use it. Any support kits such as helmet, Shimano and keo cleat pedals, hand pump, and portable keys are available for hire. A new spare tire and CO2 are available for sale and patched spare tires are free (ask our staff for stocks). We suggest you bring your own cycling shoes and equipment if you come as a group.

Cycling jersey and vest


When you stay with us for a cycling camp or stay with us 3 nights or more you can get a complimentary cycling jersey or vest when the stock lasts. If you want to buy this jersey for yourself or your loved ones you can get for 400k IDR.