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"swim bike run" at home

I am truly with you if you feel bored and anxious when grounded at home for weeks. I love sports and nature and I love being on the road. But I also do care about elderly and their lives. So being in a self isolation at home I think is wise. I do not want to get infected but also I might be a carrier and I do not want to transmit coronavirus to anyone. Dealing with my routine exercise is another thing. I simply cannot ignore that I still want to sweat, so to speak improve my fitness. I find my way to keep my heart rate high and explode. Doing "swim" "bike" "run" at home is my new normal. Maybe this can be useful for you to ease your anxiety and to stay fit.

Run with a jump rope

When I can't run around, I do a jump rope. I have one from Kettler, but if you do not have any, you can make one with rubber tie. This one gives me a nostalgic memory during my elementary school time when I did some tournament of who could win by jumping and collecting the highest number of repetition during school breaks. A jump rope can improve running VO2 max. Some variations of a jump with one leg is also improving my right leg with weaker muscles. I try to be careful of the ankle twist. I usually start slow and gradually increase.

Bike with a roller

I do not have a smart trainer with me at the moment. A bike roller is all I do have now. This machine is a challenging one to handle. It is quite tricky to do balance, but if I set up near the wall. I can lean on the wall before starting and it is good to go. So it is a good way to improve balance and cadence while I have the chance. I got one which costs about 1.2-1.5 million IDR or about 80-90 USD. A bike roller is also a nice gadget to have some cadence interval: 2 minutes fast and 1 minute slow. If I repeat this for 1 hour I am showered with love and sweat - like crazy! :)

Swim with a TRX

I do have a luxury of having a pool at Balitri Home and Studio, but most people don't. I add a TRX workout to strengthen my weak upper body and do some stretches and strengthening. Once Gerry Saputra analysed my body and said my back muscles are weak because I do to many front curving exercises and positions like sitting in front of desktop, cycling, and running; all bending my back and lean forward. I realise doing this can make my front muscles shorter and further pull front my back. I do some back workout just simply following youtube videos on TRX workout. I feel great just doing some reps every day after waking up. A TRX kit is about 100 USD, if you do not have one, you can use a rope and tie it to a strong pole in your house, but be careful to make sure your knot is tight and your pole is strong enough.

Maybe we do not have much space around us, but we certainly have much creativity to keep us alive. Stay safe everyone, love from Balitri.

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