It is a real race!


Balitri cycling challenge is a fun and COVID friendly race. It is all about getting outside, setting a big goal, challenge yourself, and having a good time while doing it. The challenge is open to anyone. As long as you are a cycling enthusiast, you are good to go. To win the race, you simply need to defend your position on the top three of either female or male leader board until there are 150 participants in total completing the course (non-DNF and DNS not counted). The course will test your endurance in a 95 km climbing epic and the glorious scene of Bali Island, stretching from Balitri Home Studio in Jalan Pantai Purnama to Kintamani and return.


1. The race is held every Saturday at 6.30 am at Balitri for five people ONLY. Please arrive at 5.30am sharp at Balitri Home Studio. If there are not enough people, the participants will join the next challenge, as long as there are 5 participants. The race will start regardless of any weather (unless there is a thunderstorm, the race may be delayed).

2. The participants should book with the organizer, and the organizer will approve the registration based on the slot availability and expected finish time. The participants will be grouped with others that have similar expected times.

3. Participants who are late will be allowed to continue racing with his/her guide using the organizer's Garmin route. There will be no extra guide support. The late participant will be timed based on the gun time, her/his Strava/Garmin full record for validation (if there is no full record on Garmin/Strava, the participant will not be eligible for entering the leaderboard).  The time will be counted by minutes and seconds when the participant enters the Balitri gate.

4. The challenge will be closed, and the winner will be announced after 150 participants for both female and male in total completing the challenge (do-not-start (DNS) and do-not-finish (DNF) participants are not counted). The weekly leaderboard will be published in Balitri Instagram stories (@balitrihomestudio).

5. The challenge is cycling for 95 km (based on the race director time) from Balitri to Kintamani back to Balitri, using the route that is decided by the organizer.

6. Participants who are going off track from the route (taking another route) will be disqualified. But participants who get lost and return to the original track are allowed to continue and will not be disqualified.

6. Cut off time is 7 (seven) hours after gun time. After seven hours, the moving water station might not be available to support.

7.  Each participant is allowed to draft another participant (if they participants are found to be cheating, ie. draft vehicles on the street or non-participants and push or support other participants with hands or with any tools) the participants are disqualified automatically. It is allowed to fix a flat tire or provide a wheel for other participants. Each participant is competing as an individual.

8 Every group will be followed by two motorbikes/moving water stations, which also serve as bike mechanics. The participants should save the motorbike riders' phone number who will share their live location.

9. The moving water station will provide water, banana, energy bar, spare tire, and pump. The participants are still advised to bring their food supply.

10. All participants should have a full record of their trip in Strava to be qualified for the challenge.

11. If a participant is keen to redo the challenge to improve their time or to beat previous participants, the registration fee at the time of registration applies.

12. Everyone rides at their own risk (all participants will sign a waiver form before the race starts).

13. All participants need to bring cash and their active mobile phone during the course.

14. All participants need to wear a helmet at the entire course; otherwise will be disqualified.

15. All participants must agree to observe local traffic laws and ensure that their conduct in no way puts at risk the welfare of any participant during the race.



a.    A premium Balitri Cycling Challenge jersey while riding and an insurance during the day of the event

b.    Water station + refreshment

c.    A professional photographer while doing the challenge

d.    A refreshment and lunch after the challenge

e.    A bike mechanic support in the morning before the ride 

f.    Special rate to stay at Balitri (optional, excluded in the price)

g.    A light american breakfast such as toast jam, milk, coffee tea and fruits at Balitri

h. Insurance during the race day




Race period:

November 2020: IDR 1,700,000

December 2020: IDR 1,900,000

January 2020: IDR 2,100,000

After January 2020: IDR 2,300,000

This price is inclusive tax and all benefits as listed above


For Bali residence 30% discount applied (without staying at Balitri)




Google map: https://tinyurl.com/balitricyclingchallenge

The garmin gpx will be shared with participants only



Female category

1st place: 10,000,000

2nd place 5,000,000

3rd place: 4,000,000

+ trophy


Male category

1st place: 10,000,000

2nd place 5,000,000

3rd place: 4,000,000

+ trophy


First place of the month will receive a merchandise from Balitr



Balitri is located in East Bali, specifically at Jalan Pantai Purnama, Sukawati, Gianyar, in between Ubud and Sanur (30 minutes to each direction).


Different from West Bali, this location is very chill and restful, far from busy bustling traffic, and perfect as a starting point of cycling. Gianyar is famous as a home to annual Maybank Bali Marathon and Bali Grand Fondo New York (GFNY).


Balitri is conveniently located about 10 minutes by car from Bali Marathon starting point and about 20 minutes by car from Bali GFNY starting point.


It is a very strategic location to start a ride, either for climbing or for a flat course with options from 20, 40, 80 to 100 km ride (see ‘bike’ page and our signature routes for more details).


It takes about 45 minutes from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport by car.

Jalan Pantai Purnama

Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali

Email: balitrihomeandstudio@gmail.com

Opening hours: daily, 6am - 6pm

How to get here:

- Airport pick up IDR 300k and drop IDR 250k

(simply contact us to arrange)

- Online taxi options (IDR 300k)

- Local taxi (IDR 300-400k)


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