Running surrounded by paddy field

When you stay with us and you want to walk or to jog, you can try our 5 km classic route in Sukawati village. It is a road run for 1 km until you reach a loop of paddy field with concrete pathway, which spans 1.5 km for each loop. You can do two loops and come back to Balitri via the main road.  The road is quite busy after 8 am so it is better for you to start running between 6-7 am. We charge a 120k IDR for a run training session including strengthening and conditioning.

Hill repeats

To improve your running quickly, we suggest having a hill repeat run once in a while. Hills build leg strength, increase running efficiency, and prevent injuries.


If you are keen to have a short session with some repetitions of hills to improve your Vo2Max or your lung capacity of oxygen intake, let us know. We usually run to Purnama beach for a 2 km warm-up, then start to repeat the hills 3-8 times depending on your training loads. We finish the run with some jog to the standing stone café for a brunch next to the beach while enjoying the morning sun and the beach view.

Beach run

You can run on the beach in Bali around the Sanur area. We can complement the run with a yoga for runners and conditioning to strengthen muscles to avoid injuries after the run. We finish the run with a breakfast on the beach.