Sports camp and resort villa in Bali

Welcome to Balitri

Create your own perfect healthy holiday, while rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul.


Everyone is most welcome to our home and studio in Bali, a private exclusive rest and playground for endurance sports enthusiasts at all levels, and for those who seek for personal improvement and recovery.


Join us for swimming, cycling, or running while embracing Bali’s wonder of nature and positive vibes. Can’t decide which one to choose? Blending them is a perfect option.


Our space allows you to find a balance between exercising, enjoying nature, engaging with sports communities and also working remotely when you need to.


Welcome to nature. Welcome to enrichment. Welcome to Balitri.



Swim in parallel with your partner to improve your body awareness and correct your technique in our fantastic pool equipped with two endless pools machines and mirrors on all sides.


Swim lesson and workshop
Swim lesson and workshop

Learn and improve your swim with Total Immersion at Balitri's Endless Pools.

Cycling camp
Cycling camp

Train your bike power and endurance in magnificent Bali scenery.

Running and conditioning
Running and conditioning

Blending with nature in your running and jogging around Balitri

Relaxing stay in a boutique resort
Relaxing stay in a boutique resort

You can stay in a luxurious room and space and still work remotely