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an eclectic design mixed colour of Batik to create a groovy pop sensation in Balitri



Enjoy Balitri Home and Studio, a villa in a private mode! In any booking, you can use all facilities privately including the non-chlorinated 35 degree Celsius warm pool equipped with two treadmill swimming machines, a sauna a steam and a cold plunge, a studio or a mini ball room and a functional garden. We also serve in house food service from breakfast until dinner, and some sport activities.


All nine rooms have a private bathroom. balcony and garden view. WiFi kitchenette and hot shower, TV with Netflix are available in all rooms.  We also have a 50% discount for bike rent first day when you stay with us.

Balitri bedroom gallery

Get lost in time in Balitri's boutique nine eclectic bedrooms that are inspired by the mixture of Bali ethnicity and modern design in different time periods: medieval, renaissance, victorian, pre-industrial,  industrial, art deco, groovy pop, pop art in 1950s and in 1990s.

Balitri exterior gallery

Balitri's materials are sustainably sourced. Our energy source is partially using solar PV. We use recycled teak woods and our space is managed so efficiently. Our water is recycled before we release it to irrigate paddy fields around our site.

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