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Experience our culinary haven, boasting homemade local cuisine crafted with care. Delve into a menu that celebrates Indonesian, Asian, Western, and Italian flavors, inviting guests to savor an array of dishes meticulously prepared to offer a fusion of tastes and a delightful dining journey through diverse culinary traditions. Indulge in the fragrant and vibrant colors of our signature yellow rice, a traditional Indonesian staple that perfectly complements a variety of dishes. For a lighter option, our lunch menu offers a delectable selection of sandwiches, prepared with fresh and wholesome ingredients, catering to the preferences of vegans and vegetarians with customizable fillings and spreads. From the rich and aromatic curries of Indonesia to the delicate flavors of Asian stir-fries, our culinary offerings promise to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings for an unforgettable dining experience.

A la Carte

Savor our a la carte dining experience, offering an extensive menu of delectable dishes. Enjoy the freedom to choose from a diverse selection of dishes, ensuring a personalized and satisfying dining experience tailored to your taste buds.


Discover our versatile banquet service, perfect for hosting gatherings and events. Whether for weddings or corporate meetings, our banquet facility offers a spacious and adaptable venue, ensuring memorable and successful events tailored to your needs.

Kitchen corkage

Cater to your culinary preferences by utilising our kitchen corkage service, enabling guests to bring their personal chef. Take advantage of this flexibility with a nominal corkage fee of IDR 1,000,000 per day, ensuring a tailored culinary experience during your stay.

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