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Endless Pool

Our intimate endless pool provides a snug space, offering a focused and personalized swimming experience. Dive into the epitome of swimming perfection at our meticulously designed compact swimming well, measuring 4x6m2. Experience the ultimate swim with two endless pool machines, allowing you to enjoy an uninterrupted swimming session in a space optimized for efficiency. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of mirrored walls and floor, creating a visually stunning and expansive environment. Relax and swim with peace of mind as our well is treated with a low-chlorine system, ensuring a gentle and eco-friendly swimming experience. Enjoy the luxury of year-round swimming with our solar PV-powered heating system, providing you with a comfortably warm pool regardless of the season. Experience the pinnacle of swimming excellence in this thoughtfully crafted oasis, where design meets sustainability for an unforgettable aquatic escape.

Endless pool treadmill Swimming machine.JPG

Endless pools swimming treadmill

Our endless pool maintains a warm and comfortable temperature similar to your body's warmth for an enjoyable swim

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