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We help you to find and organise the best tutors and guides for enriching your soul with art and culture activities in Bali like cooking class, silver making, canang making, water purification, and moon celebration.

Balinese cooking class nearby


The normal class cost 700k/person minimum 2 people 

This includes all materials and explanation is available in English and Bahasa 


For the following menu:

Cooking Menu

  • Regular Menu
    (Bergedel agung, sate ayam, peeps tuna, sambal kacang, sambal matah, gado-gado, soup ayam labu hujau, pisang goreng)

  • Vegetarian Menu
    (Bergedel agung, sate tempe/jamur, pepes tempe/jamur, sambal kacang, sambal matah, gado-gado, soup jamur/ labu hijau, poising goreng)

Silver making nearby


For more detail information about our class as bellow : 

 the Normal class cost is IDR 450K/ person for max 20 pax

the classes are included :

  • 10 grams silver Material. 

  • mineral water, tea or coffee, and Balinese Cake

  • ⁠free drop and pick up

We do the class everyday.

For morning class at 9:15am, afternoon class at 1:30pm. And late afternoon at 3.30 pm.

The  class take normally around 2,5 to 3 Hours.

Pottery class


We recommend the class in Kevala Studio. The class takes 2 hours and 6 people max.


Price is IDR 600k /pax  – Includes 2 final glazed pieces.


Additional info: Extra pieces from wheel throwing will be charged Rp 250.000 / piece includes glaze and firing.  All classes have a standard size for painting or decoration.

Balinese dance lesson


Experience Balinese culture brought to life through Legong Dance. Legong dance is a traditional dance that showcases the grace and subtlety of Balinese dancers. The dancers, dressed in colorful traditional costumes and wearing stunning jewelry.

Other art activities


Balitri Villa offers a wide array of activities. Guests can engage in the traditional craft of kite-making, wood carving, and fruit carving, each offering a unique way to experience local culture and artistic expression.

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