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Please do ask us questions through chat email or whatsapp if your questions are not listed below.

  • How far and how can I reach Balitri from the airport?
    It is about 40km and usually takes 1 hour drive since there is less traffic if you take a toll road (13k IDR fee). You have several mode options. The easiest option is to order a pick up car from us since we apply a reasonable rate. The other option you can take an online taxi (Gocar or Grab) from I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. You may need to walk quite far with your luggage since they do not allow passenger cars especially online taxis to be near to the loading passenger areas. There is no UBER in Bali. You first need to download apps GRAB or GOJEK to be able to use their service. Payment options with cash or credit card.
  • Is there any WiFi connection?
    Yes, all room is provided with a WiFi connection.
  • How many people can accommodate in the villa?
    Our villa can accommodate up to 23 adults or up to 27 if combined with kids and children. We have extra comfortable sofa beds for extra people more than 18 people. We provide amenities and breakfast for the whole group and we charge extra 150k IDR per person for adults or kids from our standard rate in online marketplace.
  • Where can I order food?
    We have food in-house like nasi goreng or fried rice, pasta, soup, rice bowl, juices. We have staff serving from 6am to 6pm so that you can order any food you want from the menu. We allow people to bring in food ordered online.
  • Where can I find Night Street culinary?
    Sukawati art market offers a night street culinary from 6 pm. We recommend for foreigners to be careful with street food due to hygiene reasons.
  • What kind of food can I order?
    You can order Indonesian food such as a well-known satay (meat skewers with available options: chicken, lamb or pork - with or without fat) from nearby area for a very cheap price (around IDR 1.5k per skewers) or you can order Nasi Lawar (mix traditional rice of Balinese with halal option mainly chicken and eggs and vegetables) or Lawar Babi (which is pork and rice). The selection of international food is from pizza, burger, sushi, Chinese food, Mexican food, raw food, French baguette, croissant, Thai food, bbq ribs.
  • Where is the nearest supermarket?
    We have a local supermarket (Indomaret) which is 3 minutes away by car from Balitri. We recommend and always stop at Pepito Sanur when picking up guests from the airport, in case there are things to buy before staying in Balitri. We allow people to bring any kind of food including cigarette and alcohol. We have a very strict policy on any kind of drugs.
  • Can I smoke in my room?
    No. We apply no smoking policy in all rooms and nearby the pool. Smoking is only allowed nearby kitchen area.
  • Where is the nearest hospital?
    We are only 3.5 km away from Kasih Ibu Hospital, one of the largest new hospitals in East Bali.
  • Where is the nearest pharmacy store?
    Pharmacies are available nearby Sukawati market. They are open from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Where is the nearest cafe with a cozy atmosphere?
    There are several cool cafés and restos nearby. We recommend you to check Masa-masa, Warung Legong, Genius café (at Vision Villa Resort, about 8km or 15 minutes by car or Standing stones restaurant (a the Royal Purnama, about 2.6km or 6 minutes by car; however there is a minimum spending of Rp. 300k per person.
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