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Planning a Bali Villa Retreat with Friends

Have you and your friends been dreaming of getting away for a restorative retreat somewhere beautiful? As someone who has organised a few trips with my crew over the years, I have to say that Bali is hands-down one of the top spots. The island has so much to offer - gorgeous beaches, lush jungles, amazing food, and retreat villa with a very laidback vibe. It's no wonder so many people are drawn there to relax, reconnect, and recharge.

Balitri - Bali Villa Retreat
Balitri - Bali Villa Retreat

One of the best ways to experience all that Bali has to offer is by renting a retreat villa with a group of friends. You'll have more privacy and space than a hotel, plus the ability to cook your own meals communally. When my girlfriends and I went a few years ago, we found an absolutely stunning four-bedroom villa right on the water in Seminyak for a great price. The location was central to everything while still feeling secluded enough for rest and relaxation.

Planning a villa retreat takes some coordination, but it's so worth it for the memories you'll make. Here are some tips I've learned from organising past trips and choosing suitable retreat villa:

- Choose a general date range rather than firm travel dates if possible. This gives your group flexibility in case individual schedules change.

- Use a site like Airbnb or VRBO to get a sense of available villas in your price range. Look at reviews, amenities, and locations. You may want to be near the beach or shopping depending on your crew's priorities.

- Set a maximum budget for your retreat villa option so everyone has a clear cost expectation. Consider splitting costs equally or by the number of nights each person stays.

- Communication is key! Use a group chat to discuss details like expected activities in and outside of retreat villa, meals to share cooking duties for, and anything people need to bring.

- Assign someone to be the point person for booking the retreat villa, making any additional arrangements like a welcome basket or activities, and being the main contact once on the ground.

- Give yourselves plenty of buffer time without plans when you arrive in Bali. The first jet lagged day is best spent relaxing at the retreat villa with a good book or dip in the pool.

Once the details are nailed down, all that's left is anticipating an unforgettable trip with your besties! I can promise sunsets on the beach, long chats over delicious food, heady Balinese cocktails, and making memories to last a lifetime. Choosing retreat villa planning takes some work up front, but it is totally worth it to reconnect and refresh with the people you care about most in such a special place. Let me know if you need any other tips - I'd be happy help make your Bali retreat villa dreams come true!

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