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How to choose a villa in Bali for a family gathering

Updated: Jan 13

Balitri Home Studio as a family gathering villa in Bali
A family gathering event by Balitri Home and Studio (by Balitri photographer)

Organising a family gathering or reunion trip for your family can be a stressful work but a rewarding one. An intimate celebration as such can be for many occasions like a birthday for seniors, a wedding anniversary, a graduation or new birth. A quality time by a family when it is carefully thought of and planned has a significant positive benefit for strengthening a relationship and emotional well-being. The feeling of being supported by family members is one of the values in life that money cannot buy. As a family member, your value as an organiser is going to increase indefinitely, although you might not get any financial incentive but some headache. Keep positive 🙂 Below are some highlights how to choose a villa in Bali for a family gathering. Hopefully it helps you to make decisions to choose a suitable venue for your family trip and family gathering so that you can cheerfully support your family.

Choose an accessible country with friendly climate and weather

When selecting a country with a friendly climate and weather, you also need to consider distance and permit. This is especially when the family members are widely spread and live in different parts of the world and only see each other in person very little in life. Some countries that hit all of these such as Bali, Indonesia. Bali is rated second in Trip Advisor’s 2023 traveller choice. Bali’s weather is mild and relatively warm with little variations throughout the year. The dry season is from March to September and the rainy season is from the end of September to February. The island is open for tourists with a visa on arrival (VOA) for Bali and you can pay on the spot or pay in advance prior to your arrival. I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport officials released the list of 52 countries permitted to enter Bali with a 30 or 7 day VOA and 11 countries permitted to enter Bali without being charged.

Search for locations that is not too busy

We suggest you search for the location or area that is not too busy like a bit outskirt of the centre or hub. It is not recommended to choose right in the downtown or somewhere full of bars and live music. Some cities or areas can also be congested with traffic especially during the peak seasons. If you choose Bali, the outskirts of areas in Bali like Ubud, Sanur are suitable for your family gathering. Some areas in Bali can be quite packed. Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu are famous with nightlife and restos but difficult to get around with a large group and some venues near the beach clubs may not be suitable for kids and elderly who need some more chill atmosphere to play and rest. The roads in West and South Bali are narrow and the roads in East Bali are relatively wide and easier to drive and get around. Many attractions for families are also located in East Bali or can be easier to be accessed from East Bali. For example Bali Safari and Marine Park, Bali Zoo, Bali butterfly park in Kemenuh, Tegenungan Waterfall, and Kanto Lampo Waterfall are located in East Bali. The Virgin Beach and two harbours to Nusa Penida, Padang Bai Harbour and Sanur Harbour also located in East Bali. We recommend choosing to stay in East Bali for a couple of days when you do a family gathering.

A centred garden in Balitri Home Studio for a family event
A centred garden in Balitri Home Studio for a family event

Select venue that is intimate

Intimacy is hard to get in a large hotel setting where most residents stay in rooms organised separately to ensure their privacy. We recommend a large villa with minimum 6 bedrooms or a country club house to accommodate all family members in one place. We do not recommend you to stay in bungalow houses since they are often located quite far from one another and difficult to get together with this setting. We recommend a villa with a centred pool and a centred garden where all rooms are facing the common areas or located not too far from the common playground. The villa should also have some facilities for kids such as sitters, games, and waterproof bedding. We recommend Balitri Home Studio in the outskirts between Sanur and Ubud. The place is listed in Airbnb and and also via whatsapp for better deals. It has all the features mentioned as well as designed specifically to bring all interaction in its centred garden and heated pool. The place is residential and very accessible but restful surrounded by paddy fields. It has 4 parking lots on premise and it offers some facilities for kids like video games, board games, and some kid sitters. The property has 9 ensuite bedrooms accommodating from 12 to 25 residents. Food is also served in house and can be tailored to your dietary needs.

Choose activities where everybody can participate

You might need to consider some activities to bring everybody together and participate. You can choose some destinations to visit, but also create some quizzes for several groups in your family whom you want them to get closer to each other. The quizzes can be some personal information such as birth days, what people like to do, hobbies and other interesting things to know by all family members. You can also ask the staff of Balitri Home Studio to prepare some hiking or walking activity that is not too strenuous such as Campuhan Ridge Walk, a cooking class at Ceraki Bali next door, or a yoga class by an instructor in the studio of Balitri. You can develop a sense of belonging by doing some activities together.

A cooking class for family members including for kiddos
A cooking class for family members including for kiddos

Consider family and kids friendly dining places

With a large group, you might be confused with meeting everybody’s dietary preferences. However there are some dining places where you want to consider when you come with a large group. First consideration is surely the food. We recommend some very nice dining places in Ubud such as Seed Eatery Thai cuisine, Cerita Manisan Indonesian and Peranakan Malay cuisine, Raijin Japanese cuisine. Some great dining places for families are also available in Sanur. We recommend Massimo Italian Resto that has a great selection of Gelato, pasta, pizza including for a gluten free diet menu. All these restaurants have some sitters for kids and have a large dining table for sharing among a big group.

If you decide to choose Bali as your destination to held your family event, we are honoured to host you and your family and help you all so that you and your family can have a wonderful experience. Simply contact us via email at or whatsapp us at +62-813-3715-9934.

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