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Balitri Villa: Your Perfect Family Wellness Retreat Destination in Bali

Balitri endless pool
Balitri endless pool

Everyone needs a little rest and relaxation with their grueling daily schedule to replenish their soul and energy to face the next challenge. This is the perfect time to treat yourself and your family to a physical wellness retreat at Balitri.

Discover the essence of physical wellness at Balitri, Bali's premier destination choice for families, friends, and anyone seeking a holistic retreat experience. Located in a quiet outskirt of Ubud rural area in Gianyar - Bali. Balitri offers a unique blend of luxury, nature, and Balinese culture, making it an ideal retreat for rejuvenation and relaxation.

What physical wellness retreat experiences can you get at Balitri. Check out more details below.

Welcome to Balitri Villa - A Sanctuary for Physical Wellness Retreat

Meditation at Balitri
Meditation at Balitri

There are several types of retreats that are popular today, for example

Breathwork, spa, yoga, contrast therapy and fitness. we will explain these types of retreats briefly.


Breathwork is a practice that focuses on controlling the breath to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The practice often involves a series of breathing techniques designed to help individuals calm the mind, reduce stress, increase awareness and focus, and promote deeper relaxation.


A place or facility that provides various services to enhance health, beauty, and relaxation through personalized treatments such as massages, facials, and body treatments.


An ancient practice originating from India, which involves a series of body positions (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and ethical practices and self-discipline. The main goal of yoga is to create harmony between mind, body, and spirit, and promote overall health and well-being.

Contrast therapy

A treatment method that involves the alternating use of ice and heat. It is often used to restore muscles and reduce pain. The basic concept is to utilize the vasoconstrictive properties of ice therapy (constricts blood vessels) and the vasodilating properties of heat therapy (dilates blood vessels).


Generally refers to a person's state of health and physical fitness. Such as gym and pilates

Facilities and Activities that Enhance Physical Health

We offer a variety of facilities that support your physical well-being. These include:

1. Starting from a refreshing swimming pool

Treadmill Pool
Treadmill Pool

We also have a Treadmill Pool mat, which has many benefits, including:

  1. Easy to use by anyone Yep, Treadmill Pool can be used by anyone, whether it's young people, adults, or older, even though they may have joint and muscle pain, they will feel comfortable and safe with this underwater treadmill therapy. Water not only reduces swelling and aids relaxation but also loosens joints, increases strength, and improves flexibility.

  2. Improves Cardiovascular Stamina With underwater treadmill physical therapy, the duration of the workout can be longer, when combined with higher water resistance. This can result in greater cardiovascular endurance. The famous athlete had already used the Treadmill Pool as their cardiovascular fitness tool after undergoing hip surgery, which left her unable to perform on land. Soon after, underwater treadmill training rebuilt her strength and relieved joint strain from her hip.

  3. Improves your flexibility By being stimulated by the sensory effects of warm water, you can enjoy more joint and muscle relaxation while using this Pool Treadmill. When underwater, a person's body weight is reduced by up to 80 percent, which results in relieving joint stress.

  4. Provides Good Impact to Strengthen Muscles Of all the benefits of underwater treadmills, one of the most overlooked is the muscle-strengthening factor. A study found that a combination of strength training and water treadmill exercise was more effective in building body mass than strength training performed alone or combined with land treadmill exercise.

2. Well-equipped gym

Sports and gym
Sports and gym

Balitri has Gym facilities that you can use anytime you need. There are many benefits of the gym that you can feel, such as:

  1. Improve Physical Health

  2. Mental and Emotional Health

  3. Building Discipline and Routine

  4. Improved Sleep Quality

  5. Weight Management

  6. and Improved Self-Confidence etc.

 3. Stunning hiking trails

Hiking Bali - Balitri
Hiking Bali - Balitri

Balitri offers hiking and running experiences to complete your wellness retreat. In addition, we prepare several experienced guides who understand safety and photographers who are ready to hike with you too.

Paddy field running route

For those of you who like to walk or jog, you can try some classic routes as follows:

  • Running: Grumping in Sukawati

  • Running Blahbatuh in Gianyar

  • Running: Blakey in Abiansemal

This is a run on some mix of concrete and paths, which stretches for 1.5km for each lap. You can do two laps and return to Balitri via the main road. The road is quite crowded after 8 am so it's better to start running between 6-7 am.

Off-road trekking with family or friends

For those of you who love trekking, you can explore Bali with your family or a group of friends and get some exercise by trying out our selected routes.

If you want to document your trip, we have some excellent sports photographers to get stunning photos.

  • Trekking: Kubi in Jimbaran

  • Trekking: Karang Boma in Uluwatu

  • Trekking: Campihan in Ubud

  • Trekking: Biubiu in Jimbaran

  • Trekking: Honeymoon in Jimbaran

  • Trekking: GWK in Jimbaran

For first time trekkers, don't worry, we have several options ranging from 3km, 6km, 7km, and 10km in this area. We also stop for coffee in the morning or afternoon to unwind for a while

4. Venue in Balitri

Hanger for fly yoga and TRX
Hanger for fly yoga and TRX

Balitri has a venue for yoga and has yoga mat blocks pilates balls and a hanger for fly yoga and TRX. Each element is designed to improve health and stamina.

Healthy Food for the Whole Family

Physical health is incomplete without proper nutrition. At our restaurant, we serve dishes that are not only delicious but also nutritious. Using fresh ingredients from local farms, our menu is filled with healthy options suitable for the whole family. Check out our healthy food options on this menu.

Spaces for Relaxation and Recovery Wellness Bali Retreat

Balitri Spa
Balitri Spa

We understand that recovery is an important part of physical well-being. At Balitri, you'll find a tranquil spa and meditation area to help you release stress and rejuvenate your body and mind. From traditional massages to aroma therapy, we have everything to ensure a complete relaxation experience.

Enjoy these activities only at Balitri, plan your vacation with loved ones, and enjoy the essence of physical wellness at Balitri.

Book your retreat experience now and start the journey to greater well-being. Contact us for more information and reservations. Balitri Villa awaits your arrival for an unforgettable experience!

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